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granite countertops in torontoGranite countertops in Toronto, Ontario are some of the most beautiful finished stone pieces in the world due to the amount of rock in our very own backyard. There is a growing trend in home décor that includes granite and other stone products as the first choice for at home countertops and flooring. This material is a little more costly than the immediate alternatives but proves it is worth the price with many positive characteristics.

Something for Every Taste and Style

There are several different styles and colours to choose from in granite countertops, from whites and blacks to pinks and browns. These are all natural colours that have been developed over long periods of time in the earth and will turn heads every time someone walks by them. There is something for every taste and style, and will outlast the house with its impeccable durability. This long lasting quality can be seen in the pyramids in Egypt. The β€˜Red Pyramid' is made from granite which is why it has a reddish shade when the sun hits it.
The granite slabs are very dense and strong and are also scratch and scuff resistant by the time they are finished the manufacturing process. Due to the rock being so hard, leaving a mark on the surface is virtually impossible. Even when in contact with the sharpest knives and kitchen utensils, the surface will remain fully intact. A very thin clear coat layer preserves the natural shine and sparkle of the magnificent piece.

Explore Granite Countertop Options from an Industry Professional in Toronto

It is recommended to explore the options with an industry professional that can help with all of the important decisions and to help match the desired look to the appropriate countertops. They will provide many categories and different price ranges to suit any project or renovation. Due to the hard labour associated with this business, it is also nice to have heavy lifting and moving equipment available from the stone company to move the slab from factory to home, ready to be installed.
When it comes to real estate, there are few additions that can add the same value to a house when it comes time to re-sell. Granite countertops in Toronto homes maintain their value after being installed for decades.
Considering the alternatives in comparison to granite, there is no question which material dominates.
Wood – This very porous and absorbing material can be hard to clean and sterilize. It is also prone to decomposing after a relatively short period of time.
Linoleum – This cheap countertop alternative goes out of style quickly and can be easily scratched and damaged.
Ceramic – Ceramic is usually used as a splash guard behind a counter, but occasionally is used as a counter top. The downfall to ceramic is that it is fragile and difficult to clean, due to all of the grout or caulking grooves.
So whether it is for a new house, new kitchen, or a home renovation in a bar or bathroom, make sure to research the options carefully and know that granite is an exceptional countertop material that will never quit or let you down.